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oh my god it's a mirage i'm telling y'all it's sabotage   
09:24pm 11/05/2009
mood: confused
I swear I'm going crazy.

So, for Public Allies, all their info is online. Easy, yes? So I downloaded the application and reference forms in, like, March, to look at what they wanted and what I needed to do. Then, in April, I wanted physical copies of the forms, so I downloaded them again and printed them out.

But wait! These are subtly different! Questions have changed and the essay is now 'optional'. Well, this one looks way more stream-lined and updated, so it's probably a more recent version. I check with the coordinator and yep, that's the one they want. Coolness. Confusion solved.

Welp, deadline is a month away for application, so I want to get my references ASAP. I got a shiny new computer and the forms are on the other one, so I figure I'll just download them again and send 'em off.


Now it's JUST the personal info/questions/essay. They don't even mention the need for letters of recommendation.

THIS IS SO WEIRD, WHY? They keep deleting portions! Did they change their minds? I mean, I'll get the references anyway, but huh. So strange. I looked at the Pittsburgh-specific site, the Public Allies general site, and the partner organization site. Zip.

Stop messing with me, Internet.

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when i wake up in my makeup have you ever felt so used up as this   
09:00pm 25/03/2008
mood: cynical
Sometimes, my life feels like thisCollapse )

Everything's as expected, and then it all gets thrown for a fucking loop.

But really, it's not so bad.

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12:25pm 03/02/2008
  Zee computer, she has died again.

And this time it's giving me the "?" in a folder, which means it doesn't even think it has a hard disk.


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01:41pm 08/01/2008
  No real surprise here:

89% Joe Biden
89% Chris Dodd
88% John Edwards
88% Barack Obama
85% Hillary Clinton
81% Dennis Kucinich
80% Mike Gravel
79% Bill Richardson
38% Rudy Giuliani
26% John McCain
24% Tom Tancredo
22% Mitt Romney
20% Mike Huckabee
14% Ron Paul
12% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

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but you're not coming home again and i won't ever get to say remember   
09:45pm 17/11/2007
mood: relaxed
1) Computer at Apple headquarters right now... being gutted.

2) HS tournament went swimmingly! Super fun and I only want to die because of lack of sleep.

3) The stagehands on Broadway have gone on strike.

The stagehands.

So who can move a table from Point A to Point B? Then come with me to New York City, baby, because it's my time to shine!

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but there's no use crying over every mistake you just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake   
12:15pm 16/11/2007
mood: moody
Welp, computer is now well and truly dead. So call me if you need me, it's going to the Apple Store tonight and then off to get its insides gutted. I shan't be on AIM for... awhile.


But on the plus side, now I won't be distracted as much, more time more music, and I can read more.

Also it was snowing this morning. *love*

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walls with wilted polaroids of friends that didn't last   
12:38am 12/11/2007
mood: frustrated
Why must there be such beautiful things on the Internet when I am bound to write about such ugliness?

Perhaps a real, honest-to-God "what's up lately" entry in the future.

Computer still hanging on to the last strands of life. She's a trooper.

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stop to stop to stop thinking of you in civil twilight   
11:41am 06/11/2007
mood: nauseated
So, if I'm not on AIM for awhile, it's because my computer is rapidly on its way to death and I am keeping it shut down unless necessary.

*le sigh* My poor baby.

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and he thought about how everyone dies someday and when tomorrow gets here where will yesterday be   
01:04pm 29/10/2007
mood: cheerful
Why was this weekend one of the best I've ever had?Collapse )

Full update to come later, probably tonight.

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12:15am 16/09/2007

I love you!

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i try to be like grace kelly but all my looks were too sad   
12:34am 04/09/2007
mood: busy
This is what I do instead of my homework:

oblivionfolder (12:21:32 AM): I love that water cooler.
oblivionfolder (12:21:37 AM): The water's so much cooler.
MusingThalia (12:21:52 AM): such a nice ratio of H to O!
oblivionfolder (12:22:35 AM): H2O is SO much nicer than just HO. Ho is no go.
MusingThalia (12:23:08 AM): Oh, I know
MusingThalia (12:23:16 AM): the extra H just makes a much nicer flow
oblivionfolder (12:24:03 AM): the Ho don't know how to turn into snow. When the snowboarders show, they won't know where to go
oblivionfolder (12:24:37 AM): (sorry, I repeated a bit, but it's hard to make it coherent, rhyming, AND unique)
MusingThalia (12:25:04 AM): They might go somewhere to row, and if the snow is in a row and they can't go with the flow, their chi will be off and they'll be a no-show!
MusingThalia (12:25:28 AM): (there are only so many rhyming words, anyway.)
oblivionfolder (12:26:04 AM): Whenever you go to a show with your beau, be nice to the cast and don't swap H2O.
MusingThalia (12:26:29 AM): You changed the subject; way to go!
oblivionfolder (12:27:00 AM): Beau is the last word rhyming O that I know.
oblivionfolder (12:27:16 AM): (Iambic pentameter, that was)
MusingThalia (12:27:24 AM): There's always "crow"
oblivionfolder (12:27:25 AM): (beeeyotch)
oblivionfolder (12:27:25 AM): :-P
MusingThalia (12:27:39 AM): oh NO
MusingThalia (12:27:42 AM): *slap*
oblivionfolder (12:28:23 AM): All of this rhyming just makes me go, "Whoa."
MusingThalia (12:28:56 AM): like that nice bloke on Blossom, what was his name, Joe?
oblivionfolder (12:29:51 AM): Or perhaps Harry's ex-semi-lover named Cho.
MusingThalia (12:31:31 AM): Fun as this is, I must go; I have readings to complete by a Machiavelli, Niccolo
oblivionfolder (12:31:49 AM): Well played. You're good at this, you know.
MusingThalia (12:32:36 AM): Thank you, mon ami. I credit the improv training of a stage show
oblivionfolder (12:33:15 AM): I wouldn't know, but I suspect it helps your flow. Now don't lolligag, away you must go.
oblivionfolder (12:33:27 AM): (for your own sake, you know)
MusingThalia (12:33:39 AM): Of course. May the morning sun wake you with a gentle glow
oblivionfolder (12:33:54 AM): Cheerio!

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so so look at me go go relatively free i'm so happy that you're so happy for me   
03:32pm 28/07/2007
mood: cheerful

I have the desperate urge to do this to every "No Parking" sign I ever see for the rest of my life.

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'cause i'm king dork and i want you to be my quee, ee-een, ee-een, whoaaaa   
07:58pm 30/06/2007
mood: flirty
Okay people, see that last public entry I made?

It says "if you don't here from me."

COME ON, Y'ALL GOTTA POINT THIS OUT TO ME. Gosh, you guys have one job...

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don'tblame us if we ever doubt ya you know we couldn't live without ya boston you are the only only   
04:15pm 22/06/2007
mood: accomplished
So this is what I've been doing with myself lately!

Painted T-shirts!Collapse )

lying in long grassCollapse )

Engage, Number One!Collapse )

My favorite...Collapse )

SPARKLY!"Collapse )

oh yeah...Collapse )

I really, really, enjoy doing these. They're really fun, and I get new shirts out of it! I'm working on designs for other one... I wish I could alter shirts more easily, though. The adult mediums are pretty shapeless, which makes they easy to wear and comfortable, but... they're shapeless. Maybe I tie them in the back ro something, or make some darts. No, that wouldn't work. Anyway, I REALLY like the shape of the fitted tshirts. I think I'll stick with those for my black and whites, and get the regular ones and do some beading or experimental altering. They're only four bucks each, so WHOO!

Plans for future shurts include:
- Beading the bottoms
- Making a brocade bowtie and sewing it onto the front
- Abstract, blocky pattern going down the middle of the front and back.
- More French one the front, something pretty on the back.
- graffiti-like abstract designs.

Anyway, it's REALLY fun and if anyone wants to do it with me, it's awesome!

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now your ears are ringing the birds have stopped their singing everything is turning grey   
04:03pm 20/06/2007
mood: excited
"Just a Geek" is here! and so is "The Science of Sleep"!!!

If you don't here from me, it's because I've locked myself in my room and won't come out.

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01:42am 19/04/2007

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that's how they showed their respect for paddy murphy that's how they showed their honor   
03:10pm 08/04/2007
mood: cheerful
I may or may not be procrastinating while I dye my hair purple...

Anyway! Schedule for next semester:

* French 3, 11 - 11:50
* Deviance and Social Control, 12 - 12:50
* American Public Policy, 2 - 2:50

* Political Theory, Machiavelli to Rousseau, 1 - 2:15
* Theory of International Relations, 2:30 - 3:45

* French 3, 11 - 11:50
* Deviance and Social Control, 12 - 12:50
* American Public Policy, 2 - 2:50

* Deviance and SC Rec, 11 - 11:50
* Political Theory, Machiavelli to Rousseau, 1 - 2:15
* Theory of International Relations, 2:30 - 3:45

* French 3, 11 - 11:50
* American Public Policy, 2 - 2:50

No class before 11 anyday, and no class until 1 on Tuesdays! I am the master of scheduling. I think I'm going to add Budo on Tuesday nights, too. I want to take more classes with Curtis, he is awesome. Plus, I like learning how to kick ass.

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and it's go boys go they'll time your every breath and every day you're in this place   
09:23pm 04/04/2007
mood: working
I must respect meme rules. Hence:

Post a comment to this entry, and I'll

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film/tv show.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8 - In response, you must spread this disease in your LJ.

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and it's just like the ocean under the moon well it's the same as the emotion that i get from you   
10:27pm 25/03/2007
mood: happy
So, my friends and I were sitting on a bench, eating Rita's ice today.

And we noticed the bench wasn't bolted down.

After shanghai-ing DanCC into helping us and 'borrowing' a cart from the Cathedral, we managed to move the bench to under a tree at the Union. Hopefully we can get it to Katie's room before the year ends. We got scared because we saw people in uniform in close proximity. I don't think the bus drivers have any official authority, but it was too nice a day to risk it.

Yeah, we're awesome.

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we're talented and bright we're lonely and uptight we've found some lovely ways to disappoint   
02:11am 19/03/2007
mood: crazy
So I was writing my Japanese Myths assignments in a vague haze, and then went to talk to Rhette and get some water. When I returned, I found I had apparently typed this after writing about 1900-era Japan. I'm sure it will be used as evidence of my continuing insanity:Collapse )

This kind of stuff goes through my head all the damn time, people. And now I guess I'm writing it out without realizing it, either.


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